Residential Plumbing Services

29 December 2016
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Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, you need to acquaint yourself with various types of plumbing services offered by plumbers. As a landlord, knowing these services prepares you as you embark on your building project or understand the kind of maintenance your current houses require. As a tenant, you can get to differentiate what kind of damages you can fix by yourself, or what need to be attended to by a qualified plumber.

Inspecting the Plumbing System

Essentially, you need to inspect your plumbing system at least once every year. During this inspection, you or the assigned plumber need to examine key features of the system, including:

  • Water pipes and their joints
  • A comparison of water bill and water usage
  • Water colouring
  • Fittings, valves and supply line fittings


It is better to prevent possible damages before they occur. Proper maintenance ensures that ultimately, you get to save more, and maintain the stature of the plumbing system in your home. Before the maintenance is done, an inspection is conducted by a competent plumber, and all areas of fault are identified. These areas are fixed, before they can lead to a potential emergency situation such as a flood in your basement. Among other areas, a plumber will check the water pressure during maintenance. Pressure that is above normal should be reduced, using a pressure reducer.


Inspections and regular maintenance are important precautions, but some damage may be unforeseen. You can do simple repairs by yourself at home. Anything that requires complicated procedures in their fixing or repair requires the attention of a qualified plumber.


This is an area of interest for landlords or homeowners. Unless you are personally a qualified plumber, this is an area that entirely requires the services of qualified plumbers, from start to finish. At your home, it is important to note that the plumbing system is composed of three main units — water supply system, appliances or fixtures and the drainage system. Any faults in the three areas require a plumber as the right professional to attend to it.

Renovation Plumbing

If you are doing renovations for your home, then you may need to have the plumbing system renovated too. The renovations can be done either full house, or only for specific parts of the house — such as the kitchen, laundry room or bathroom. The renovation services are also a necessity when you are remodelling your kitchen or bathroom.