3 Commercial Plumbing Items of 2015 You Should Consider Installing

14 August 2015
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Are you currently thinking about making a plumbing upgrade for your commercial structures? Well, you're certainly thinking in the right direction since now is a good time to improve your commercial plumbing system with the new products available on the market. So, what are some of the most striking new plumbing products that 2015 has to offer for your commercial settings?

Granite sinks

You have perhaps not heard about graphite sinks because they aren't a common application in many commercial environments. So, why should you try them out? Graphite sinks are available in a limitless array of colours making them an ideal choice for virtually every sanitary section of your buildings.

Just like steel sinks, they are hard wearing sinks that can withstand the deleterious effects of harsh cleaning chemicals. The watertight surface of graphite sinks makes them a very hygienic option because even coloured liquids like red wine won't blemish.

Sensor operated flushometers

Flushometers are used in many commercial plumbing settings to flush toilets and urinal facilities. But, have you heard of sensor-operated flushometers? These plumbing products use flushing technology to give toilet and urinal users an ultimate experience. Once the user is within a certain range of the sensor and then steps away, the flushometer automatically starts the flush cycle.

Sensor operated flushometers will provide your clients with the touchless operation that washroom visitors expect these days to mitigate the spread of harmful microorganisms that can stick on the surfaces of bathroom sinks or toilet bowels for several hours or even days.

Water drinking fountains

Water drinking fountains is a great way to quench the thirst of clients and employees in your commercial premises. Unlike water dispensers, which are portable and sometimes need to be moved from one point to another, these plumbing products can be mounted on the walls, sinks, decks, and many other easy-to-reach points.

Installing a water drinking fountain allows you to choose what you want from the extensive collection of faucets found in today's commercial plumbing market. What is more, you won't have to incur the extra costs of buying disposable drinking cups needed when you're using a typical water dispenser.

The commercial plumbing products present in the market today continue to integrate the ever-changing needs of people operating in commercial environments. Whether you run a luxury restaurant or a state-of-the-art sports facility, installing the commercial plumbing products discussed above is, without a doubt, a smart way to invest in your commercial property.