Top three reasons to flush your hot water system regularly

17 February 2016
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Staying on top of all the household duties can be a battle at the best of times, so many homeowners find themselves neglecting small maintenance jobs in favour of others. While you may gain a little more time in your schedule by avoiding such tasks, the risk of fault and repair costs to important utilities is not worth it. Read on for three great reasons to flush your hot water system regularly.

Keep your costs down

A hot water system that is full of mineral deposits and sediment will take significantly longer than a clean system to heat your water to the desired temperature. Not only does this place a burden on your hot water system, it can also lead to a considerable increase in your electricity bill. By thoroughly flushing your hot water system, you will remove the sediment and corrosive deposits that are reducing your system's efficiency, and consequently help keep your electricity or gas bill in check. 

Ensure hot water with good pressure on demand

Have you noticed that the pressure of your hot water isn't what it used to be? Perhaps it's taking a long time for the hot water to heat up and reach your taps? When a hot water system has not been cleaned for a long time, the build-up of mineral deposits and sediment can clog the pipes, causing the flow to slow down over time. This is particularly noticeable for homeowners with both rain and mains water supply to their home- as the different water types have unique mineral compositions, there can be a significant increase in sediment and scale build-up after the water supply has been switched over. To ensure that your hot water system provides your home with piping hot water on demand with good pressure, regular system flushing is essential.

Maintain the longevity of your hot water system

Repairing or replacing your hot water system is not only inconvenient- it can be a rather costly process. As such, it makes good financial sense to extend the lifespan of your hot water system in any way possible. A routine flush of your hot water system will help keep the unit free of sediment and scale build-up that can cause burst pipes, electrode failure and tank leakage.

How often you need to flush your hot water system will depend on your water usage and the mineral content of the water you use. Contact your local plumbing specialist today for information, advice and support when flushing your hot water system for the first time.