Avoid These Mistakes When You Need an Emergency Plumber

27 June 2016
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Not every plumbing problem in the home is an emergency, but as a homeowner, you don't want to put off calling an emergency plumber if you think your home needs one. It's always better to get a plumber to your home sooner rather than later when a plumbing problem has occurred to avoid allowing the damage to get worse. When you do need to call for an emergency plumber, note a few mistakes to avoid before you make the call or while you're waiting for the plumber to arrive.

Don't put coat hangers down a clogged drain

If a drain is very clogged and water is backing up into a tub or sink, you need an emergency plumber to address the clog so a pipe doesn't burst and your home doesn't actually flood. Avoid trying to address the clog yourself with any homemade tools, especially a wire coat hanger. The hanger is more likely to get stuck in the clog and then get in the way of the plumber's work, making it harder for him or her to plunge out the mess. You might also damage the pipes and this too can make their work harder and cause even more repairs for your home.

Don't use other toilets in the home

If a toilet is severely clogged so that you cannot unclog it with a plunger, you want to avoid using other toilets in the home while waiting for a plumber. The clog could be located in an area of pipes that all meet and which are used by all your home's toilets. Using another toilet can then make the problem worse. If you must use the restroom while waiting for a plumber, it can be better to impose upon a neighbor or make a quick trip to a nearby restaurant or other location with a public restroom.

Don't try to thaw pipes on your own

If you've called an emergency plumber because pipes have frozen, don't try to thaw them on your own. This can cause cracking of the pipes and can also cause them to burst, making a mess that is difficult to work around. Some frozen pipes need to actually be removed and replaced because of the extent of the freezing and the potential damage that might be caused with the freeze-thaw cycle, so never assume that you're being helpful with your cigarette lighter, hairdryer, or other appliance; leave the pipe for the plumber instead.