Why Your Boiler May Be Leaking

30 June 2016
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One of the popular hot water systems used in a household is the boiler. However, as your boiler ages, it begins to start exhibiting signs of wear and tear. Leaking is one of the common reasons why you may require boiler repairs. There are an array of reasons why your boiler may spring a leak. Some of these reasons may be easily fixed using DIY repair whereas others will need the attention of professional contractors. The following are some of the reasons why your boiler may be leaking.

Your boiler has developed issues with its pressure

Boilers are typically fitted with an outlet pipe that works to control the pressure within the boiler. This outlet pipe may drip water from time to time as it is regulating the internal pressure of the boiler. Minimal leakage from this outlet pipe is normal. Therefore, you should not attempt to cap it or put a seal over it as this could lead to your boiler bursting. However, when outlet pipe is dripping a considerable amount of water, then you should enlist the services of a professional technician. This could be caused by an increase in pressure within your boiler, which leads the outlet pipe to release more water than it usually does. Having the internal pressure remedied should solve this leakage problem from your boiler.

Your boiler's seals have acquired damage

Another reason you boiler may be leaking is if its seals have become damaged over time. The seals are typically located beneath the boiler. They work to ensure that water does not escape when it is being heated within the boiler. When the seals are becoming damaged, you will find water pooling at the bottom of your boiler. Damaged seals should be replaced posthaste. This is because leaving them unchecked could lead to your entire boiler becoming compromised.

Your boiler has developed cracks

Generally, boilers tend to be made from metal. Regular use of your boiler causes the metal of the boiler to expand and contract on a consistent basis. Over time, the metal may begin succumbing to the stress and start acquiring damage. Cracks in your boiler are not something that should be simply patched up. This is because once the cracks form, it is an indicator that the entire metallic structure of the boiler has become compromised. In this instance, you would be better off considering replacing your boiler and upgrading to a different, more efficient hot water system for your home.