Tips To Help You Manage A Gas Leak Emergency At Home

29 August 2016
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A gas leak that goes wrong can cause massive damage on property and may also lead to loss of lives. If you notice or suspect that there is a gas leak at home, take necessary precautions as soon as possible so as to keep the problem from escalating to a catastrophe. Below are some essential guidelines to help you manage a gas leak effectively.

Approach the Right People

In case of a gas leak emergency at home, the first person you should call is a professional emergency plumber. If you don't have a professional plumber in mind, then look up one in your area on the web or in your directory. Also, when you're calling the emergency plumber, make sure you're outside the house. Phones can produce a spark and if you use the phone in the house you're running the risk of igniting a fire or an explosion.

Prevent an Explosion

An explosion can occur very easily in a house gas leak emergency if the concentration of the gas in not controlled. So make sure that you weaken the combustion power of the gas in the house, so that in case of any fire or flame accidents the gas will not be concentrated enough to explode.  

First, turn off the main switch on your gas line so as to cut off gas in the house. After that ventilate your house by opening all doors and windows. Also, switch off all electric appliances to prevent the occurrence of any electric sparks. It's advisable to cut off power supply in the house by switching off the central switch in the electric box.

Protect Yourself

In a gas leak emergency, remember that your safety comes first, so before trying to secure anything, you should make sure that you're safe. So if the gas leak in the house is overpowering, step out and breathe in fresh air. Remember that prolonged exposure to high concentrations of gas can cause carbon monoxide poisoning.

Also, if you notice a spark or flame in the house, leave the house immediately and go as far as possible. After that find someone who can help you with a cell phone and call an emergency plumber. Also, it's advisable to call the fire department and alert your neighbours about the gas leak incident.

A gas leak can cause catastrophic damage to your home if the leakage is not managed properly. The tips mentioned above can help you take care of a gas leak emergency effectively. For more information, contact local professionals like Nu-Jet.