3 Signs of Roof Problems That You Can't Afford to Ignore

27 September 2019
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No doubt, the roof is one of the most important structural and architectural components of any house. This is why you should ensure yours is in good condition at all times. Watching out for warning signs of roof problems and carrying out prompt repairs is essential to preserve your roof's service life.

Here are some common signs of roof problems that you shouldn't ignore. 

Water Stains on the Ceiling and Interior Walls

While roof leaks are a common source of staining on ceilings and interior walls, they are not always the cause of the staining. Before you can call in a roofing service to repair your residential roof, it is important to establish the exact source of the water seepage.

If you're coming out of winter, it is likely that ice-dam formation underneath your roof is to blame for the problem. Upgrading your roof insulation may resolve the problem. If there are water pipes running along your roof rafters, they may be leaky or sweaty due to poor insulation, causing water to run down your ceiling and interior walls.

Knowing the exact source of water stains in your house's interior will help you know who to call for repair service. If your roof is leaky, seek out a roofing repair service immediately.

Damaged or Missing Shingles

A visual inspection of your roof shingles should help to reveal their condition.  If you discover curled, cracked or missing shingles, this is a sign that they're nearing the end of their service life. Check your roof gutter system and yard — you'll see some shingle granules.

Doing some roof repair work may buy you some time to plan for a roof replacement.

Sagging Roof Rafters

If your roof pitch doesn't appear straight, it is likely that you have sagging rafters. While you're in the attic, check the rafters. Are they sagging? Sagging rafters can lead to the collapse of the entire roofing system if the problem is ignored.

If you spot areas that appear to be sagging, it is likely that you have a moisture problem in your roof. This could be because your attic is poorly ventilated and needs to be fixed.

Although your roof isn't one of those areas of the home that you pay attention to on a daily basis, having your roof inspected periodically and when you suspect problems can help to detect issues before they can get worse and lead to costly repair or require a complete roof replacement. A residential roofing service can help to meet all your roofing maintenance and repair needs.