Plumbing Mishaps That Simply Can't Wait Until Standard Operating Hours

14 July 2021
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The plumbing problems faced by homeowners can vary greatly in terms of magnitude and urgency. While some can wait for the next business day to have a plumber sent out, others just can't. This is where emergency plumbers come in. These plumbers operate round-the-clock so they can be available to deal with plumbing emergencies as soon as they happen.  

Calling an emergency plumber can be substantially more urgent than standard plumbing services, so it's important to know situations that warrant calling one. Here are a few common plumbing situations you may need an emergency plumber for.

Blocked drains

Slow or gurgling drains can wait until standard working hours. After all, they're only a reminder that you need to schedule a draining cleaning service before your drains become completely clogged.

On the other hand, residential drains that can't allow water to drain at all can't wait because they'll prevent you from running the water or using the facilities. 

Burst water pipes

Although burst water pipes can be mitigated by turning off the water at the main shutoff valve to minimise wastage of water and prevent a flooding issue, they still require emergency plumbing service.

Not being able to turn on the water supply may prevent you from using the facilities, resulting in a major disruption to your daily life. With this in mind, it's best to get broken water pipes fixed right away.

A sewer backup

If you're not proactive about dealing with blocked drains, the problem may escalate into a sewer backup issue. Since raw sewage is involved, you should address the issue immediately. Raw sewage is a major human health hazard that may even require evacuation. 

Gas leaks

Gas leaks require urgent repair because of the potential to cause a fire or an explosion. Before calling a plumber, make sure you've evacuated the home and informed your gas company about the issue. In some cases, they may be responsible for the repairs on your gas line and not you.

Low water pressure

Not having enough water pressure for your daily household activities can be a frustrating thing. If the problem is not due to a planned supply disruption by your water utility service provider, you'll need to call an emergency plumber to look into the problem.

If you're facing a plumbing issue that can't wait, then you may call an emergency plumber. Regardless of the type of problem you have, they'll know what to do to stop the disruption to your daily life.